Cheapest End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne FaqsWe have figured out some common questions regularly asked by our clients before getting the cheap vacate cleaning Melbourne service. So, we have decided to let you know those things before you make your decision. It not only makes us transparent, but also will give you a good overview what you are going to get through this service. It will help you to set realistic expectations.

Check These Q&A While Choosing Our Cheap Bond Back Cleaning Melbourne Service:

Q: How can I book my bond back clean?
A: You can apply any ways from below to book your bond back clean.
Call us on (03) 90443259
Click here to get a quote online
Email to:

Q: Where your cleaning company mainly serves? Does it only serve in Melbourne? Which suburbs do you cover?
A: Yes, we serve in Melbourne. Our company ONLY serves here. Yes, we cover all the suburbs of Melbourne.

Q: Do I have to leave my property during the cleaning? Is it necessary?
A: Yes, you will have to leave your property. It is necessary. We need to take care of the whole place so that we can get your bond back easily.

Q: Is it needed to leave my property empty? What if I don’t or can’t?
A: We highly appreciate if you leave your property empty. It helps to complete our task at a fast pace. However, if you do not have enough time to make your house empty, or want to hand over the task to us, we can do it for you. We will consider this rubbish removal as a separate job and will charge for it.

Q: What’s about the electricity? Do I need to leave it on?
A: Yes, again. We will need electricity for different purposes. So, it is essential to leave your electricity on.

Q: What’s your policy about contacting the landlord or property manager? Will you meet them?
A: We do not contact the landlord or property manager. We prefer to contact the client or client’s representative. We hope any of them will open the door for our cleaners and inspect after the work is done. We also hope to get payment directly from a client or client’s representative.

Q: What’s your company’s policy about the appointment? Is there any option for urgency?
A: We usually take appointments before 24 hours of providing our service. Yes, there is also an option for the urgent situation. We can reach you at a short notice.

Q: Is there any option for free re-cleaning?
A: Yes, we offer the opportunity of free re-cleaning. However, it entirely depends on the situation. We take pictures before and after the cleaning. Then we show them to you to inspect. So, you should inspect our work properly. It helps both of us and saves lots of time and effort.

Q: Are you open at weekends, even on public holidays? Do you charge extra for that?
A: Yes, we are always open. You can call us for cleaning at weekends or public holidays. No, we do not charge extra for these days. So, only flat rates!

Q: Are your cleaners insured?
A: Yes. All of them have insurance.

Q: What’s about your cleaners’ behavior? Do they have the necessary skills? Are they experienced enough?
A: Our cleaners are well-behaved. Yes, they have the necessary skill set to serve you better as they have served hundreds of satisfied clients. We have one of the most experienced cleaning team in Australia.

Q: Are your cleaners trustworthy? Do they have proper respect for clients’ privacy?
A: Yes. After working for a long time in the cleaning industry, we have developed a team which consists some wonderful cleaners. They have a fine sense of privacy and fully honest.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have any other query, please let us know. If not, just call us to reach you! You can ask for a free quote too, hurry!